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Swakriya Yoga(S.K.Y.)



The force which is moving our 'breath' is the same which is moving the planets and stars. The flow of blood in our body is due to the same force which is moving 'rivers' and ocean. The power which is blinking our eyes is the same which is the cause of dawn and dusk.



The scriptures says, "Yatha pinde tatha bramhande". This body and the universe are not different. Only one "divinity" is present everywhere. Only one force is moving everything. And this force is not separate from Him-the divine.

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Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Swami Gurusharanananda

Upcoming Events

25th September to 14th October 2017 Swakriya Yoga Concert & Workshops (Washington Dules,New York)

25th November - 10th Dec `17  SKY Intensive Sadhana Course  Ma Sharanam (Maheshwar)

28th Dec `17 - 10th January `18 "Ashramlife and Joyful Journeys"  Live with us, practice with us, travel with us!

28 January to 03 February 2018.  SKY Therapy Course (Maheshwar)

7 February to 28 Februray `18. Swakriya Yoga TTC (Maheshwar)

Ma's Birthday Celebration 30th April 2018 (Dharamshala)

05th to 11th May 2018 Huntlosen Germany



SWAKRIYA YOGA Intensive Sadhna Course

SWAKRIYA YOGA Intensive Sadhna Course

25 November to 10 December 2017



Join us for the Intensive Sadhna Course for 15 days on the banks of holy Narmada River in Ma Sharanam Ashram.  It is a course suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike -- all those who want to learn the beautiful system of Swakriya Yoga in depth and immerse themselves more and more into the practice of the Elements.


Venue: - Ma Sharanam Ashram, Village-Kawadia, Maheshwar (M.P)


Contact us for timely registration and detailled information.

SwakriyaYoga Teachers Training Course - Module 1

"Ashramlife & Joyful Journeys"

28th Dec `17 - 10th Jan `18


Live with us, practice with us, travel with us!

Lebe mit uns, praktiziere mit uns, reise mit uns!


Alle Informationen, Reiseplan, ect. findet Ihr hier:




For informations in English please contact directly: saraswati@swakriyayoga.at




SwakriyaYoga Teachers Training Course - Module 1







Teachers Training Course


Module 1


7th February - 28th February 2018


in Ma Sharanam Ashram






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Glimpse of meditation techniques in Swakriyayoga retreats

A Guide to Swakriya Yoga (Book)


A book on Practical guide to Swakriya Yoga and Concepts of retreat. We are happy to provide the spiritual seeker with this valuable resource. In this smalll book you will find practicle guidance to tread the path of Self-realisation through meditation and yogic-practices.